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ChallengeAs part of its coverage of the UK general elections Press Association adopted an extensive analysis to create new content through its innovative graphics platform – PA was seeking to partner with leading technology companies as part of its most ambitious plans ever to cover the General Election for customers across digital, broadcast and print. In selecting partners for what was dubbed “The UK’s first Social Media election” PA evaluated Adoreboard’s solution based on robustness, real-time and reliability.SolutionPA used Adoreboard’s technology during the TV debates, and as well as using it to get detailed insights into which political candidates are the most talked about, and the type of emotion they are most associated with. PA were able to analysing thousands of Twitter accounts, and monitoring live reaction to key election moments enabling PA to visualise those reactions into graphics and real-time reaction to events. toneapi was selected alongside other major technology companies such as Facebook and Google to provide extended coverage.Impact

toneapi analysis increased editorial and graphical output by delivering data driven graphics issued to UK new outlets every day including major set-piece events such as the Live TV Leader debates.

“Adoreboard’s technology added tremendous value during the UK Elections by helping PA understand more deeply exactly what kinds of conversations were being talked about along with the emotions Twitter users associate with which candidate. Adoreboard’s team made it simple for us to get the most from the platform allowing PA to turn the insights into stories.”

Darren Waters, Head of Social Media Press Association