Havas are one of the world’s leading communication agencies whose clients range from the Co-operative Bank to Volvo.


Winning new business is the lifeblood of any agency. In today’s increasingly competitive digital and data environment, agencies need to harness technology in new ways to meet the needs of brands. Evidencing the impact of personalisation for content can be difficult at pitch stage without any data points to underpin its value for a new client.


Toneapi was used to evidence how content could be adapted to appeal to different types of customers of The Co-Operative Bank. By evidencing how communication could be more emotionally tuned to customers needs, it helped show how emotionally compelling content could be created to personalise customer communication. Havas helia worked with toneapi to evidence the impact of its creative work by understanding the emotional impact on the client’s brand, leading to new insights, new understanding and new business for Havas.

"The data insights generated by toneapi not only provided the spark for the creative but provided the evidence to underpin the creative in a fresh and unique way. Ultimately, toneapi analysis was a contributing factor in a major client win." 

Matthew Fitzsimons Strategy & Innovation Director at Havas Helia