Forma is one of Europe’s leading creative producers, working with British and international artists to develop and deliver new cross art form productions across the world. As a production agency with no venue, digital communication plays a vital role in connecting audiences with the work and life of Forma.


Content marketing plays a vital role in providing a cost effective solution for Forma to engage a wide, international audience of over 1,000 creative producers. The performance of such content is vital to ensure it delivers impact. The effectiveness of digital communication such as newsletters can be measured after they have been sent in terms of open rates and click through rates. Forma wanted to influence the effectiveness of their communication before it was sent in order to optimise the opportunity for action from readers.


Forma used toneapi to pre-test content in its newsletter to increase the effectiveness of its communication. By conducting a series of tests on the language used on call to actions and comparing this to different versions, for the digital marketing team to understand how to evidence better content impact. Testing the optimised copy using MailChimps A/B email test Forma were able to identify the drivers for why people read or click through on its content.

Business Impact


By using ToneAPI, Forma was able to increase open and click through rates by understanding the language that drives action. By being in control of this we were able to optimise content and drive the right action ensuring an enhanced effectiveness of our communication to members. Forma will now be using ToneAPI in its digital public engagement resources to further explore how to make language as accessible and engaging as possible."

Darren Murphy, Digital Manager of Forma