The UK Centre of Excellence for Public Health specialises in delivering intelligence and evidence to inform public health policy and practice. Together with Queen’s University Belfast, Cancer Focus Northern Ireland and the Public Health Agency, it aimed to explore how emotions expressed in Twitter could be used to help create more effective mass communication for public health issues. The campaign developed would evaluate the effectiveness of Sun Skin Cancer campaign aimed at educating the public on the importance of prevention.


The UK Centre of Excellence for Public Health used toneapi  before, during and after the campaign to understand the performance of the campaign on Twitter.



“Social media-enabled campaigns have the advantage of targeted messaging, at low cost and extensive reach but we know little about its effectiveness when it comes to public health. Using toneapi we successfully obtained critical data in relation to people’s attitudes and behaviours when it comes to skin cancer. As a result we are able to explore how emotions in Twitter data could contribute towards skin cancer prevention in social media campaigns and how messages of a public health focus spread through social media.”

Dr Aisling Gough, UK Centre of Excellence for Public Health