Ian Howlett

Head of Digital, Conran Design Group

At Conran Design Group, we’re using toneapi as an effective way to understand the emotional performance of content. It’s become an essential tool for us, we can test creative ideas and see instantly how we can achieve better results for our clients.

Clients include: Burberry, Shell, VISA, Nokia

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Matthew Fitzsimons

Strategy & Innovation Director at Havas Helia

The data insights generated by toneapi not only provided the spark for the creative but provided the evidence to underpin the creative in a fresh and unique way. Ultimately, toneapi analysis was a contributing factor in a major client win.

Clients include: Unilever, easyJet, Volvo, Adidas

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Darren Waters

Head of Social Media Press Association

"toneapi added tremendous value during the UK Elections by helping PA understand more deeply exactly what kinds of conversations were being talked about along with the emotions Twitter users associate with which candidate. toneapi made it simple for us to get the most from the platform allowing PA to turn the insights into stories.”

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Darren Murphy

Digital Manager, Forma

By using ToneAPI, Forma was able to increase open and click through rates by understanding the language that drives action. By being in control of this we were able to optimise content and drive the right action ensuring an enhanced effectiveness of our communication to members. Forma will now be using ToneAPI in its digital public engagement resources.

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Barney O'Kelly

Global Head of Communications at Freshfields

It has given us fresh insights into our trainee recruitment and as a result we are looking at areas we can change to make their experience with the Freshfield’s brand, even if it’s a no when it comes to the end of their application, a positive one.

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Louise Proddow

Former head of brand for Dell and Nokia

We deliver emotionally intelligent campaigns for global brands. Understanding the emotional reaction to content is vital so that it can optimised and improved. toneapi stood out in the marketplace as the only provider of deeper analysis of emotion to meet our needs.

Clients: SITA, Experian, Trustmarque

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Dr Aisling Gough

UK Centre of Excellence for Public Health

We successfully used toneapi to understand critical data in relation to people’s attitudes and behaviours when it comes to skin cancer. As a result we are able to explore how emotions could contribute towards skin cancer prevention in social media campaigns and how public health messages spread through social media.

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