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Brands, marketers & writers use toneapi to improve content based on emotional insights.

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Toneapi Helps You Master Content

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to Emotional Intelligent Insights in seconds

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Analyse content in seconds

Toneapi analyses your content for over 20 emotions meaning that you can score your content for emotional intent within seconds.

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A/B test content in advance

Toneapi provides a simple way to compare and contrast your content using our A/B test so you can test before you invest in any content from ad copy to newsletters.

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Optimize content in real-time

Toneapi automatically gives suggestions on how to improve the tone of content to better align your words with the desired emotional response.

“I’ve used many content marketing tools, toneapi provides a unique emotional context superior to anything i’ve used before.”

Louise Proddow, former head of brand Nokia

“The data insights generated by Toneapi not only provided the spark for creative, but was a contributing factor in a major client win.”

Matthew Fitzsimons Strategy & Innovation Director, Havas helia

“Using toneapi allowed us to optimise content during a campaign, resulting in better alignment with new prospects”

Alban Maginess, Group PR Manager, Equiniti PLC

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